7-Day Low Sugar Smoothie Challenge



Are you ready to take your health, energy and vitality to extraordinary levels?

Are you ready to kick the crazy sugar habit, lessen the belly bloat, end the fatigue, and add in real whole foods, easily, on a daily basis?

Are you ready to relish a predictable routine and learn to blend some amazingly quick, healthy and delicious breakfast/lunch/snack options?


Then you are ready for the Better Health By Heather

7-Day Low Sugar Smoothie Challenge!


I invite you to join me for the 7-Day Low Sugar Smoothie Challenge.

Great recipes, motivation and inspiration, and excellent resources to help you create a new smoothie habit (or revive an old one) that will aid in beating those sugar blues, increasing your energy level, balancing your hormones, losing a few pounds, and decreasing your belly bloat.

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