You look at other women and wish for their figure and fitness, their level of energy and commitment, their vibrancy and inner happiness, their organization and overall sense of calm…

So what does it take for YOU to go from fatigued, overwhelmed, frustrated, unfocused, unorganized, and out of shape to energized, focused, vivacious, enthusiastic, organized and healthy?

After years of coaching busy moms from frazzled and frustrated to fresh and focused, I have developed the following results proven program to guide you through your journey to better health, improved energy, a fabulous figure, and feeding your family well without the battles and hassles.

7 Essentials to a Happy, Healthy, Busy Mom

Engage Your Inner “Why?”

It’s important to visualize and reconnect with a past time when you felt energized, vivacious, exuberant, focused and passionate. Uncover the why’s and how’s of this past time, how you got to where you are today, and reconnect with what matters most to you and why. Determine your desires, set achievable goals, and discover what has been holding you back!

Put Yourself First

When Mom’s not healthy and happy, the household is not healthy and happy. As a busy Mom, you are always putting others’ needs and wants before your own. It’s okay to say, “I am going to do something for me today.” Time to commit to making yourself healthy and happy. Discover the varieties and benefits of self-care and how to make these things happen within the realm of your busy lifestyle…

Getting Back to Basics

There is an overwhelming amount of health and wellness advice out there. You have tried to process it all and still nothing works. It does not need to be complicated. You are what your body can eat, digest and absorb – whether it’s physical, emotional or spiritual “food on your plate.” No need to be taking 20 different supplements – just a need to listen to your body and learn what to do with the valuable information it is giving you.

Focus on Food

Learn how to build a relationship with whole food and make choices that will ultimately nourish your body, mind and soul and give you the ultimate energy, clarity, and calm that you desire. No complicated kitchen plans required – just a good sense of humor and willingness to try new things. You will feel empowered with your newfound foodie knowledge!

Eating for Energy

Time to fully realize the power of your plate. You are a genetically unique individual and what works best for you may not be what your neighbor, gym buddy, or another school mom is doing with her diet. Discover the secret food combinations that will provide your body with ultimate energy from sun up to sun down.

The Clean Kitchen

Creating healthy meals, that everyone in your family raves about, should not be laborious nor a hassle. Learn to mesh the likes and dislikes of your unique brood and how to get a simple, nutritious, and delicious dinner on the table 5-7 nights/week without overwhelm and frustration. Discover the secrets of making more nutritious school lunches, energizing snacks, drinkable green smoothies, and quick, simple breakfasts – all that your family will enjoy!

Realize, Rebalance & Readjust

You are living a much healthier lifestyle, feeling more energized, and accomplishing goals that were established when engaging your inner why. You realize you have the knowledge and ability to continue making additional changes. Goals may be readjusted if desired. There may be commitments in your life that need to be rebalanced. Time to take all that you have learned and evaluate where to go as you continue to journey forward with your health and wellness.

Are you ready to take back your health?

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