Spring Cleansing and its Benefits

by Heather Ferber on March 30, 2015

Time for spring cleaning, but while you clean your house, you should also clean your body with a spring cleanse.  Spring is a time of renewal and growth. It’s time for your body to energize itself for the busy months to come.  It’s the perfect time to get rid of the toxins in your body and re-spark your rejuvenation after those long winter months.

There’s no hiding that we pack on a few pounds physically and emotionally from the heaviness of winter. If we don’t change our habits and cleanse our bodies, we leave ourselves open to colds and flu, which is one way the body works to cleanse itself.  People generally become more sedentary in winter and suffer from an increase in general aches and pains – which can also be helped with a good spring cleanse.

Many cultures have historically detoxed/fasted/cleansed during the spring months while using a variety of different methods. There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to a spring cleanse, but it is something that everyone can benefit from.  You need to choose a program that is the best fit for YOU and your health. Your body may tell you what kind of cleanse it needs and for how long. You just need to listen to what your body is telling you.

Spring is the time nature produces many vegetables and fruits that are perfect for a natural, whole foods detox.  The spring “menu” includes berries, sprouts, greens, and bitter roots that help improve immunity and aid in toxin elimination. Your body should crave different foods to prepare for and get in sync with the new season.  We need to listen to what our bodies desire and look at what is offered in nature to reach optimal health and wellness.

There are so many benefits to cleansing your body! A spring cleanse will help get rid of the toxic waste that has accumulated in your organs and cells – preventing your cells from doing their jobs properly and optimally. As the snow melts, a clean eating cleanse can help you shed unwanted winter weight.  Other benefits may include healthier skin,  improved digestive system, INCREASED ENERGY, improved immune system, clearer thinking, improved movement and flexibility, and the general feeling of rejuvenation and motivation that will leave you feeling lighter.

Foods you should focus on during a spring cleanse include lemons, spinach, radishes, pineapple, artichokes, nettles, green tea, green peas, coriander, celery, sesame seeds, turmeric, cabbage, dandelion root, citrus fruits, berries, asparagus, and garlic.  It’s best if they are in their organic raw natural form.  Other ways to enhance a spring cleanse experience is by taking probiotics, antioxidants, massage therapy, saunas, epsom salt baths and exercise (yes, you can sweat out those toxins!).

During a seasonal cleanse, try to:

  • Hydrate!  Drink lots of water especially if you are more active.
  • Practice clean eating
  • Avoid caffeine, alcohol and sugar
  • Exercise
  • Meditate

If you have never cleansed before, you may need support from a health coach like myself.  It’s very important to plan your cleanse to benefit YOU. The pre-planning, actual cleanse days and post-cleanse (aka transition time) are all important pieces of your cleansing experience.  I can walk you through a whole foods based program while inspiring you to continue your healthier lifestyle after your cleanse experience.

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BHBH Spring 2015 Clean Eating

Heather Ferber is a Certified Holistic Health Coach and detox specialist helping busy moms to get fresh, focused and energized so they can enjoy better health, balanced hormones, healthier kids and more calm in the kitchen. She has appeared on WISN Channel 12’s morning news to share her kitchen tips, tricks and recipes. Like her on Facebook or visit her online home at www.betterhealthbyheather.com

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