Sharing Some Pink Passion in October

by Heather Ferber on October 18, 2013

Had a special opportunity to share my passion for battling breast cancer this week!  On Tuesday, Courtny Gerrish and Paul (the fabulous camera man) from WTMJ Channel 4  spent some time at my house with my friends Molly, Katie and Beth.  Courtny is creating an inspirational story, that will air later this month, on Molly’s continuing battle with Stage IV breast cancer.  A very special thanks to my friend Beth, behind the lens, who captured our time together.  We had lots of laughs, prepped some great culinary creations, sampled our creations, chatted, sampled more culinary creations, and I had a moment of a tear or two.  (Sometimes it’s hard to keep all the emotions in check.)

As most of you are aware, October marks Breast Cancer Awareness Month and more specifically, October 13th marks Metastatic Breast Cancer Day.  (You can learn more about metastatic breast cancer here.)

When Courtny’s story airs, it will help raise awareness for those women living with Stage IV metastatic disease – not an easy adventure.  Will keep you posted as soon as I learn of the air date.

Many of you know I have been working on a labor of love, an e-cookbook to benefit the Fuglestad Family Fund.  Well, I can excitedly say, that the book is almost done!  It’s going to be a wonderful collection of whole food based recipes, donated by many local chefs, authors, bloggers & foodies, that are relatively simple to create and delicious to taste.  (There are no crazy ingredients that you won’t be able to find at your local grocer and you will not need to run out and purchase any special kitchen equipment to do the recipe prep….except for those of you who may not have a good kitchen knife and cooking pot.) Molly and I hope this e-book will inspire many of you to begin the journey of cooking more real food in your kitchens.

Be sure to follow me on Facebook to get the earliest update on when the e-book is available for purchase (should be by the end of this month).

Tomorrow I will make another appearance on WISN Channel 12’s Morning News (approximately 7:15 & 8:15am) to talk a bit about what women can do to reduce their risk for breast cancer.  Ladies, we have the power!

Then, Hillary and I (and maybe Sally?) will be preparing one of my anti-cancer favorites – Cauliflower/Leek Soup (this recipe will be included in the e-book along with my Curried Quinoa recipe, a great topper to the soup,  that so many peeps have LOVED).  Find the soup recipe here.

Thanks to each of you for your continued support.  Truly appreciate all the positive energy you send my way…and Molly’s as well!

PS.  If any of you are looking for a wonderful family photographer, you can find out more about Beth and her work on her website.



Cauliflower Quinoa Soup

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