Boost Immune and Energy with a Detox Bath

by Heather Ferber on January 6, 2017

Our lives are crazy busy, and most of us rush through the day without a thought to alleviating all the damage that is being done to our bodies. The damage is being done by what we eat, the air we breathe, and the stress inflicted upon us.

A detox bath can help sweat out those toxins and alleviate their harmful impact. A detox bath will boost your immune system and make you feel much more energized.

The process for a detox bath is really quite simple. Detoxers immerse themselves in a tub filled with very warm (hot – use caution) water and essential ingredients, some active and some soothing. As you soak, the toxins are pulled to the surface of the skin and then washed away.

The key to a successful detox bath is preparation. It is very important to properly hydrate before you begin. The day before you plan to detox, increase your fluid intake and avoid dehydrating ingredients, such as caffeine. This will ensure that no damage occurs to your body as the impurities are drained from your body.

Detox baths require very hot water. As hot as your body can tolerate. Warm water or reasonably hot water will just not work. It is essential that the body sweats during the detox process, and that won’t happen if the water is too cool. To actively draw out toxins, detox baths should contain at least one strong, active ingredient and several soothing ones.

For example, harsh ingredients such as apple cider vinegar or hydrogen peroxide might be offset by essential oils. The ingredients you choose will determine the benefits to your body. Many recipes are available on the Internet. One of my favorite appears below.

While it may be tempting to quickly dip into a hot tub and dry off, the length of time spent in the tub will determine the success of your detox. Most recipes call for a soaking of more than 20 minutes. You need to give those impurities time to float to the surface!

When you have completed the recommended stay in the water, gently wipe off your skin and drink water. Give your body time to recover from the strain of detoxification. That will enhance the benefits and enhance your well-being.

beauty, spa, body care, natural cosmetics and bath concept - close up of himalayan pink salt and body scrub with brush on wooden table

himalayan pink salt


1/4 cup himalayan pink salt

1/4 cup epsom salt

2 tablespoons baking soda

2 tablespoons apple cider vinegar

favorite quality essential oil (just a couple drops) – I like Epigenetic Labs Essential Oils (lavender, citrus, lemon)

Mix and dissolve the pink salt, epsom salt and baking soda in jar that contains very warm water.  Add the two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar to your tub water.  I like to add 5 drops of lavender or citrus essential oil to my bath water as well.  Add the salt mixture into tub water and mix everything well.  Soak for at least 20 minutes.  TRY TO RELAX!  YOU DESERVE IT!




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Ashley J Hundt January 13, 2017 at 4:07 am

Where do you get the essential oils and is it safe when pregnant?


Heather Ferber April 6, 2017 at 4:56 pm

I use a variety of oils Ashley! Right now, most of my cabinet contains doTerra and Epigenetics with a few Young Living. There are some organic local ones you can find at Health Hut and Whole Foods (I always get organic/pesticide free because oils are super concentrated and I don’t want to be absorbing any of that junk). Check with your MD to determine if safe during pregnancy. Busy mamas need a good, warm, restful bath now and again!


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