A Fresh, Clean Start

by Heather Ferber on January 26, 2011

My youngest turned 3 at Christmas.  We had a big family party…and then Christmas came and went…and then New Year’s came and went….and then the post holiday holiday get-together’s came and went….and then I realized I had never booked C’s  three year old check-up with his pediatrician!  YIKES!

But that prompted a moment of reflection – I rarely think about visiting our pediatrician.   In 5 1/2 years, I don’t believe we have ever made a visit to our pediatrician outside of our annual wellness checks or flu shots.  I’ve made one visit to the ER for 3 stitches and other than that,  life has been mostly uneventful and healthy.  AMAZING! My pediatrician probably hates my family since she is making ZERO money on us, but I seriously started to think about how this was possible as most of my friends with young children are visiting their PEDS all the time; and many of the moms I know are experiencing the bugs their children are bringing home.

I firmly believe part of the story is good G.I. health and overall nutrition. My boys have been blessed with regular digestive processes which they definitely inherited from their father, not their mother.

The GI tract is a prominent part of the immune system. In fact, approximately 75% of the immune system resides in the GI tract.  The surface area of the digestive tract is estimated to be the surface area of a football field.  With such a large area of exposure, the immune system must work hard to prevent pathogens from entering into the blood and lymph system.  Poor digestion leaves the immune system with a lack of nutritional factors which are necessary to support immune function.

Since I am the one without the great G.I. system,  I recently completed a 7 day “spring cleaning” cleanse in the dead of winter. No better time to do it.  Going to change my oil twice/year – once in January and once in July – to help get my motor running.   The cleanse I chose was a gentle digestive, liver, colon cleanse that promotes healthy growth of beneficial bacteria in my colon, helps maintain balanced bowels, supports healthy nutrient absorption, promotes liver health, and promotes a healthy digestive tract.  No, I was not waddling to the bathroom with my butt cheeks clenched….but I did produce on a more regular basis.  I  coupled my cleanse with a low G.I. diet, limited alcohol, LOTS of water, and several rounds of boxing.  This week I feel great! And I’m working hard to keep my system “ungunked”….more to come on that….stay tuned and stay regular.

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