Feeling A Bit Like A Pumpkin? Curing the Halloween Hangover

by Heather Ferber on November 3, 2013

It has been more than a week since my boys ran around our community collecting as much candy as humanly possible in a two hour window.  TONS of fun was had by all and an equal amount of candy was consumed by each boy.  Even I indulged in a few pieces this past week.

And now, I am kind of feeling like a plump pumpkin 🙁  And I’m anxious to get rid of the bloat and extra couple pounds before the next big foodie holiday rolls around at the end of this month.  So, how have you been feeling this past week?

Feeling a bit of that same post-Halloween pumpkin plumpness?

Or just plain worried about more weight gain before Thanksgiving and Christmas?

Wish those jeans were fitting just a bit less snug in the waist right now?

And perhaps you are just feeling fatigued, restless, congested, foggy, unenergized and like you are on the verge of fighting a cold…

Well, I’m very excited to announce that my VERY FIRST Detox Program is now available for purchase as an e-book download from my website.  7 DAYS of DELICIOUS DETOX for FALL is a beautifully designed e-book that will lead you through 7 days of delicious meals that will allow your body to reset and rid itself of toxins that have been accumulating over the past days, weeks, or months.

Fall is an ideal time of year to detox!  There are many tasty seasonal foods that are readily available and have excellent detoxification properties for our bodies.  My e-book highlights these seasonal foods which makes the recipe preparation easy and economical.  You do not need any fancy supplements, or kitchen equipment to make this work for you (well, maybe a couple pots and pans, chopping knives, and a food processor/regular blender).  You get to pick and choose your meals based on your taste buds and the plan will please my meat eaters, paleo peeps, vegan/vegetarians, and everything in between.  It’s even great for those with allergies since I have eliminated most food allergens in this plan!

It’s so important to give your body a break and a chance to recharge before moving into this somewhat stressful time of year (for some).

There are over 25 delicious recipes to choose from including soups, salads, warm meals, desserts, smoothies and more.

Thanks to those of you who have already downloaded your guide!  I look forward to hearing your feedback regarding your experience.  For those of you who have never detoxed before, I also have an option on my website to purchase my e-book w/ some personal assistance from me 🙂  Sometimes it’s nice to have a cheerleader on your side.

There will be MORE exciting news coming on my blog this week as I make a couple more BIG announcements.

Hope you all survived the candy crush and wish you well as you get rid of your Halloween hangover.

Check out my 7 DAYS of DELICIOUS DETOX for FALL today!


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