Ladies Night

by Heather Ferber on March 10, 2011

So last night, Boni Wendel, nurse practitioner with Heart Secrets at Columbia/St. Mary’s, gave a brief optimal health presentation at my place to a wonderful group of my girlfriends.  For those of you who could not make it, just wanted to give you a brief summary of Boni’s thoughts (and if you want to be invited in the future, just let me know).

There are two basic health principles that surround obtaining optimal health – 1. feeding and nourishing your body’s systems and 2. cleansing and removing toxins from your body. Nutrients and toxins are absorbed into our bodies through the digestive system. Inside the small intestine there are thousands of villi, finger-like structures that increase the surface area of the intestine for nutrient absorption.  Nutrients, medications, chemicals and toxins are absorbed through the villi, enter the blood stream and the lymphatic system, and then are carried throughout the body.

It’s the liver’s job to filter the blood and toxins. It’s the lymphatic system’s job to protect us from infection and clean up waste products.  When the liver and lymphatic system are not working properly, toxins may accumulate in the body and do damage.

Boni suggested cleansing your colon/digestive system twice per year to help get the villi unclogged and functioning properly and better prepared to receive good nutrition.  Unfortunately, our western diets of processed everything; excessive fats and sugars; not enough fresh fruits, veges, whole grains, nuts, and plant proteins, no longer provide adequate nutrition for our bodies and cause our villi to become dysfunctional (they cannot absorb important nutrients then).  Boni emphasized the importance of establishing some foundations for optimal health, that may include supplementation, since our diets no longer provide excellent nutrition.

Boni suggests an isotonic multivitamin and antioxidant to begin the road to obtaining better health. She is a firm believer in Omega III Fish Oils as well.  She believes we need to increase our healthy fat and omega-3 fat consumption; eat more fresh fruits and vegetables; consume smaller portions; eat smaller, more frequent meals; and adequately cleanse and supplement our systems when needed.

Nothing is more valuable than your health.  And it is your responsibility to make sure you are on the journey towards optimal health today!  Ladies, thanks for the great night.  Truly enjoyed spending time with each of you. I am so fortunate to have you in my life and I want all of you to be around for many, many years to come.

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