The Morning After

by Heather Ferber on February 7, 2011

So the Green Bay Packers are Superbowl Champions!  YIPPEEE!!!

During the game, I think I consumed about one brick of cream cheese, an entire bag of chips, a pound of nuts/raisins/M&M’s, an entire bag of carrots, and a 6-pack of Miller Chill.  Oops!  Almost forgot the tray of cookies.  Well, maybe it wasn’t that bad but my belly sure was bloated this morning.  Thank goodness the Packers don’t play in the Superbowl every weekend.

So, I decided to hit the gym to work things out a bit this a.m.  Ran for 45 minutes, did some weightlifting, and stretching and my belly felt much better by noon.

What did you consume for the big day?  Are you still feeling it on your hips?  Time to get your cracker crunchin’, chip dippin’, beer guzzlin’ bum to the gym!  You can watch all the highlights of the game, a hundred times over, while you burn off all those chips, dips, desserts, adults beverages, and other indulgences; you can listen to your iPod (and a proper version of the Star Spangled Banner. I also think listening to the BEP’s is much better than watching them do a half time show); and you can give your body the healthy treatment it deserves after that incredible Superbowl game. Get moving!

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Lynette February 7, 2011 at 3:44 pm

Another tip for over indulgers is a good Digestive Enzyme!! Heather, don’t you have a good one that you recommend?


Heather February 9, 2011 at 1:59 pm

I do have a great quality digestive enzyme the I suggest, Lynette. Will give you a call about it 😉


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