Thinking Outside the Box

by Heather Ferber on April 19, 2011

“The road to optimal health is paved with good intestines.”

Good intestines are the result of the body receiving optimal nutrition.  Healthy intestines aid in overall health and strong immune function.  Sadly, in today’s world, many of us are “living in the box,” relying on food that comes from a box to feed our children on a regular basis. Many of those boxed items are slowly becoming staples in our diets as adults.

I challenge all of you to think “outside the box” this week.  Can you feed yourself and your children for a week without anything that comes out of a box?  And if one week seems too long, start with just one day.  And when one day becomes possible, then move on to two days, etc.  Give yourself and your family the gift of great health….and good intestines!

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