A Love Note – Love Yourself!

by Heather Ferber on February 13, 2013

Oh my!  How I have missed all of you!  The first 40 days of the new year have BLOWN by me.  I apologize for my limited updates the past month.  Please know I think about all of you every day!  And what better time to say “I Love You” than during this month of love.

Moving into this new year, I gave myself permission to focus on me for a few weeks, especially after the craziness of the holidays season.   I got back into my workout routine; I’ve been eating SO clean and trying out all sorts of new plant-based recipes; I painted my nails for the first time in about 6 months (LOL!); I’ve been completing projects that were sitting my desk for weeks; and I’ve been helping out at school with art, centers, and other adventures which I had not previously done this school year.  Overall, I am happy, healthy and re-energized to take care of and help others.

What steps are YOU going to take to LOVE YOURSELF more this month?

  • Maybe taking a few moments of quiet everyday to reflect and relax?
  • Perhaps get a much needed massage?
  • Maybe take a few special moments to tell your children how much you love them?
  • Add a couple new, healthy foods into your diet?
  • Get that gym membership and start your new workout routine?
  • Maybe go to a quiet, romantic dinner with your significant other?
  • Maybe say “No” to something you really do not want to do?
  • Maybe say “Yes” to something you have been longing to try?

It’s important to determine what efforts and steps YOU are going to take to love yourself more.  Think about them. Write them down.

Take a few moments this week to sit down, look in a handheld mirror, and repeat, “I love myself. I love myself. I love myself.” Let go of the negative thoughts and fill your mind with positive affirmations.  When you love yourself more, you will be able to love others more.  Valentine’s is the perfect time to say “I Love You” to yourself, your family, friends, and to those who have supported you in life this past year.  Let them know how much they are loved and appreciated.  Fill your heart with emotional, spiritual and physical love.  Fill your family and friend’s hearts with good feelings and more love.  And a Happy Healthy Valentine’s Day to each of you.

Love you all!

Loving myself allows me to love these little men so much more!

Loving myself allows me to love these little men so much more!


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