Customized Nutrition Based on Your Genes

by Heather Ferber on April 25, 2011

Want the secret to make your jeans look better?  A partial answer may reside in your genes and what your body needs in terms of nutrition. There are some new terms in the spotlight of the health and nutrition world – nutrigenomics, nutrigenetics or nutritional genetics, and epigenetics – all which provide health care professionals with the information they need to offer customized nutritional recommendations to their patients based on genetics and lifestyle.

Your genes, not your jeans, determine how efficiently you metabolize food, how effectively you detox harmful substances, and how you respond to specific environmental conditions. We all have a unique genetic code; therefore, we may have variations or mutations in a particular gene that can be beneficial or disadvantageous to our health.  The goal of nutrigenetics and these other new fields is to understand the impact of gene alterations as they are affected by diet, exercise, and environment and vice versa.

Currently, there are some genetic tests on the market that would allow you to gain better insight into your own genetic code.  These test results may then be used to better customize your nutrition/supplementation plan.  This is the complete opposite of the “one size fits all” approach and will help you better understand what options are available to you in order to achieve optimal health.

Presently, I’m doing some research into some of the genetic testing that is available. My goal is to have my own genetic study completed very soon so I can begin to customized my health , wellness, and supplementation for me.  Will keep you posted on the test and the results I am able to obtain. Feel free to contact me if you would like more details on what may be available to you or your physician.  Know how your genes can help your jeans look better!

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