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by Heather Ferber on February 28, 2012

The past few weeks have been a whirlwind of school, seeing clients, traveling with family, working out and getting ready to attend the IIN Mega Conference in Long Beach, CA this weekend.  Thought some of you may be wondering if I am still living on Planet Earth.  Well, I am still here and thought I’d take this opportunity to update you on life.

Recently, I received my certificate from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition (IIN) to start working with clients. I am currently halfway through the program and will receive my full certification in early September.  Upon completion and registration with the American Association of Drugless Practitioners (AADP), I will be a Certified Holistic Health Coach (or Counselor depending on which term you prefer).  I have been learning SO MUCH regarding traditional and modern nutrition theories, contemporary health studies, health coaching, nutrition, supplementation and more!  It’s truly been a life changing experience, fits nicely with my life interests and goals, and is going to be a great career for me moving forward.

Along those same lines, I already have a handful of clients that I am working with in either 3 month or 6 month programs.  I’m also giving guided grocery store tours, setting up some new classes for spring/summer and working on a few other fun ideas.  You can learn more by going to www.betterhealthbyheather.com.

With all this craziness, we decided the family needed a little R&R and vitamin D so we took the boys to Mexico for a week this month. They were SO excited to wake up at 4:30am to begin our journey south – so excited that no one napped one wink on the flight!  Nor on the ride to the hotel! Somehow, we all managed to maintain our very happy status for the entire day of travel despite starting out in the middle of the night.  The week was filled with swimming in the ocean and pools, playing in the sand, eating lots of ice cream (yes, I am detoxing this week…thinking the boys need that too!), meeting new friends, and watching lots of interesting “scenes.”  Truly, a lovely week of being together and enjoying each other’s company. So fortunate to have been able to give my boys this wonderful experience.

On to the working out….as some of you already know, I committed to Ironman Racine (70.30 only – thank goodness!) on July 15th.  No idea what I was thinking, but I know I will have no regrets as I embark on this journey to take my personal fitness to a new level.  This is going to be an event I remember for the rest of my life (especially if it’s the only Ironman I ever do which I’m already thinking it may be and the hard training hasn’t even started yet!  LOL).  Also thought this would be a great way to celebrate my 40th birthday. If anyone wants to join in the fun, I’d love some fun company!  (Thanks to my GF who has already committed to the craziness.  We are going to be IRONWOMEN!)

And lastly, I’m getting ready for a little more education this weekend.  Had a great opportunity to attend the IIN Mega Conference in Long Beach, CA so I’m cramming it in, literally.  Leaving late Friday and coming home on the re-eye Sunday night.  Won’t be a well rested weekend, but I’ll get critical info I am looking forward to hearing.  Stay tuned for an update on all the famous foodie/nutrition/wellness gurus that will be making appearances.  Can’t wait to share everything I learn with all of you!

Have truly missed you readers!  Love hearing updates from you.  Promise to get back on track with my more frequent blogging as I have some fun and informative materials to update you on in March.  Wishing you all continued health and wellness!

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