New Leaf Monday

by Heather Ferber on May 2, 2011

The title of my blog entry today was borrowed from a friend, Mr. Merrick, who has the perfect outlook for today, or for any Monday after a long weekend.  After a very late night of eating and drinking at a childhood friend’s wedding on Saturday, yesterday was not one of my most productive days (and definitely not a gym day).  However, today was my new leaf Monday – yes, I made it back to the gym and was feeling pretty good.  A spin class followed by a 3 mile run and some weight lifting removed the last traces of any Saturday night partying that remained in my system.

Truly, any day can be a “new leaf” day.  You just have to feel that way in your mind and heart.  In fact, you can turn over your new leaf right now!  Start your efforts to eat healthier (by adding some new green leaves to your diet), exercise regularly (the new AHA guildines call for 30 mins of cardio 5 days/week), and give your body supplementation when needed (everyone who consumes a Western diet should probably be on a quality multivitamin).

Looking to turn over a new leaf in the near future?  Just do it!   Need someone to motivate you?  Call me and we’ll chat.  And thanks Mr. Merrick for your great outlook on today.

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