Oldie and Moldy

by Heather Ferber on April 4, 2012

Cannot believe I am going to share this crazy story with you. Anyone who knows me well, understands how my fridge and pantry operate.  Personally, I have a very low threshold for anything old or moldy.  My hubby will be the first to attest to this because I am always sniffing stuff and throwing it out if there’s the slightest question about freshness or dates….and he’s always saying, “it’s not that bad. I’ll eat it.”  (Although, lately he is changing his tune on that after one fairly bad episode of G.I. upset….sorry honey, I told you not to eat it!)

So last Friday, I went to the gym and did my routine butts and guts TRX  combo class.  I then headed over to my favorite treadmill for a quick hour run.  Then it was time to go home, play toys, color pics, build lego spaceships, and entertain my littlest (and cutest) man.  Around 11am, I had to head back to the gym for a 45 minute swim.  As I was driving to the gym, I realized I had never adequately “snacked” after my first morning workout.  Yes, I had consumed a yummy egg, peanut butter and apple breakfast; however, that was at 7am….and I was now STARVING!  So I started scavenging around my car, in the console, under the seat, in my gym bag, and ultimately I scored!  Found a wonderful peanut butter, oat, nut, flaxseed, and honey (and then some) handmade bar.  Ripped open the wrapper and was about to take my first HUGE bite…it was then that I noticed there was some green-black fluffy stuff all over one end of the bar.  In my “normal” life (before IM training), I would have dropped the bar like a hot potato and run screaming, “AGH!!!! MOLD!!!!!”  But IM training has truly changed me.

Took the bar, broke it in half, and proceeded to eat the end without mold (or so it appeared). YUM. About 15 seconds later, I realized what I was doing and how desperate I had become!  So  I called my crazy-friend-in-training-with-me, laughing hysterically, and told her what I had just done.  Thankfully, she, too was on her way to the gym pool….and she happened to have some chocolate milk in the car with her…which she so thoughtfully brought to the pool to share with me.  I drank it after my swim. I think it saved my life!

Never thought to ask her how old the chocolate milk was though.

Hmmm…..maybe I don’t want to know.

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Tracy Meser April 4, 2012 at 10:21 pm

Lol! Thxs for sharing!


Rebekah Schaefer April 5, 2012 at 4:59 am

Dearest Heather,
Chocolate milk is THE BEST recovery drink ever! If it will ease your mind, it came straight out of the fridge at Highlander. No worries. Don’t you love our part-time job – I mean, IM training?! I have not succumbed to eating a moldy protien bar, but I nap ike a newborn these days.
I’ve got a 3200 yard swim to do this morning, then I’ll see you at TRX training.
We will be Iron!


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