Recovering Alcoholic (well, not quite that bad)

by Heather Ferber on March 13, 2011

So once in awhile I don’t follow my own advice….and I totally fall of the health wagon.  And last night was a good example of just that.  WAY TOO MUCH alcohol! I did not exceed my four drink partying limit; however, the four drinks I had packed the punch of about 14!  It’s almost 3pm and I have yet to change out of my pajamas; I turned down a chance to go to the gym; I can only consume food with tons of grease and salt; and I have an unexplained large bruise on the back of my shoulder.  Heather has left the building….and she has been replaced by her evil, unhealthy twin.

This got me thinking, what’s the best cure for a hangover?  Well, most agree it’s best to go back to bed and sleep, after consuming a lot of water.  Thankfully, my wonderful husband is out entertaining three little peeps today so I did catch a nap at around noon. I’ve consumed lots of water and I’m also adding a couple extra doses of Vitamin C and Vitamin B complex to my consumption today.  Throwing in a couple extra minerals too and some fresh air if I can get to the point of standing up for more than 10 minutes at a time.

By the end of today, I promise myself to be back on the health wagon. If you have fallen off the wagon this weekend too, get back on!  Don’t let a little bump in the road get you off track.

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