Ringing in the New Year! 2017 is Here!

by Heather Ferber on January 2, 2017

Happy New Year friends!  Hope you made special memories ringing in the new year with those you love.

I enjoyed an epic evening of silliness and craziness with family and friends and of course there was some delicious, healthy food (homemade guac, homemade salsa, chicken fajita bake, glazed Brussels sprouts, mason jar bean/zucchini salads, mixed green salad, flourless chocolate cake….my guests were awesome chefs with everything they brought).

The new year marks the time when many of us are looking back to see where the past 365 days took us on our life journeys.  We are setting new intentions, new goals and resolutions for moving forward.

No stressful resolutions this year for me.  Working to simplify my life!

Instead, I am focusing on 3 key words that I will use throughout the year to guide me in my personal and professional life.

Those three words are:




FOCUS – what is truly at the core and center of each activity I am doing; what is at the center of my family life and marriage; getting clear on my production and visualization in business (I’ve started some big projects but not followed through our finished them – time to make things happen in 2017!)

GRACE – moving through life with elegance and poise; honoring the causes I truly believe in with my presence; realization of the unmerited favor of my God; aspiring to be like my dear friend Molly who left us way too early in 2016

HOPEFUL – inspire optimism in myself and others through sharing my story; exhibit confidence in what the future holds despite bad things that have happened in the past; be confident in what will come in 2017!

Many people will forget their resolutions by the time January comes to an end.  I’m hoping I can remember these 3 words for all of 2017.  I should be able to handle that 🙂

Are any of you embracing WORDS for 2017? What are your words?  Or are you writing more traditional resolutions?

Would love to hear!


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