The Benefits of Wine

by Heather Ferber on February 10, 2011

Fortunate for me, I truly enjoy drinking red wine, probably too much of it at times! Interestingly, I happen to know a lot of other people that enjoy drinking red wine too. Imagine that! Seems that whenever I get together with my girl friends, there is always some red wine involved.  And that may not be such a bad thing. Studies are beginning to show that one glass of red wine/day may actually be beneficial to one’s health. (Guess I need to work on limiting my intake to one glass.)

Resveratrol is a natural, chemical compound found in peanuts, blueberries and grapes.  Since there is a large concentration of resveratrol in grapes, red wine becomes an excellent source of resveratrol as well.  Resveratrol gives off antioxidant activity and has long been considered as a contributor to decrease the risk risk of heart disease.

A new study from the University of Texas Health Science Center in San Antonio found that resveratrol may also stimulate the fat controlling hormone, adiponectin.  Adiponectin is a “good guy” hormone produced in small fat cells that counters susceptibility to diabetes and heart disease by making the liver and muscles more sensitive to insulin.  Together, resveratrol and adiponectin display anti-obesity, anti-insulin resistance and anti-aging properties.

Dr. Feng Liu, professor of pharmacology at UT, stated that the study, “uncovers a novel mechanism by which resveratrol exerts its healthy beneficial effect,” and that “those who are obese, diabetic, and growing older,” may be interested in its results.

So don’t feel so bad about that glass of wine tonight!  Are you a beer/vodka/other alcohol drinker and not a wine drinker?  Well, no worries.  Resveratrol is also available in a powder form.

February is American Heart Month. Stayed tuned – this month I will post several entries on how to reduce the risk of heart disease and how to promote heart health all year round.  Start by pouring that one glass of red wine. Cheers!

Red Grapes

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Angela Pearson February 10, 2011 at 4:48 pm

Looks like I might need to trade in my Vodka/ Diet Tonics for a glass of red wine. 🙂


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