Top 6 Suggestions to Getting Healthy in 2013

by Heather Ferber on December 27, 2012

Hope this message finds you reflecting on the special moments and gatherings you experienced with family and friends over the past couple weeks.  My family was blessed this year with many giftstime to spend with each other; laughter amongst my children and their many cousins, aunts, uncles, and grandparents; great food created with love and caring; and the spirit of giving of ourselves, loving and understanding.  It was a wonderful Christmas celebration!  And my hubby and I really tried to share our Christmas spirit with our family and friends:

Somehow, this time of year just flies by!  Now, it is only a few more days until we ring in the New Year. If you missed my December Newsletter I wrote a bit about re-evaluating goals and priorities during the holiday season to aid in reducing levels of stress and unrealistic expectations.  (If you did not get  my newsletter, and would like to, comment below w/ your email and I’ll add you to next month’s issue.)   And if you did not have the chance or take the time to do some personal re-evaluation during the Christmas season, it’s not too late!  Why not make this attempt for the New Year?  Once you have had the opportunity for a little self- assessment, it will be easier to set your goals and “stretch goals” for 2013.

For those of you that may incorporate “getting healthier” into your 2013 New Year’s Resolution and goals, I’m offering you my Top 6 Suggestions to getting well on your way in 2013. Give one, two or a few of these a try, and you may be surprised by how great you feel with just a few small changes!

  • #1 – Find your local Farmer’s Markets.  These are great places to source fresh vegetables, fruits, grass fed meats, wild fish, CSA’s and more.  Here in SE WI, there are many markets to choose from during the summer months. And did you know, there are even a couple markets during the winter months?!  Check out the Milwaukee County Winter Farmer’s Market  for some great cold weather food finds.  Check here for more SE WI Markets.
  • #2 – Treat yourself to a couple quality cooking/kitchen tools.  They don’t need to be expensive items, just a few pieces that will make it fun to play in the kitchen.  For example, consider purchasing a ceramic knife, a cheap veggie steamer, an ultra sharp veggie peeler, a mandolin slicer, a very fine strainer, nesting glass storage containers, glass Kerr/Ball jars, or a nice roasting pan.   These items are all cost effective kitchen tools that will make it more efficient and fun to be in the kitchen.  Of course, you can splurge on the high end too with a juicer, dehydrator or Vitamix.  But that’s not necessary to start living a healthier life.
  • #3 – Join a gym.  Just the other day, I got a flyer for a new club in the area that is charging $10/month as their joining special.  TEN DOLLARS/month!  Who cannot commit $10 for the month of January to start getting some exercise?  Other local clubs have been advertising joining specials, free drop-in workout classes, buy one get one, and more.  This is the time of year to look at all the  gym specials and make a commitment to yourself and your body to start moving more.
  • #4 – Clean out your freezer/fridge/pantry.  You can do one or all three – just do a little something to get the garbage out!  If you don’t have 4 gallons of ice cream stashed in the freezer, you will probably be less likely to consume it on a daily basis.  Same for the chips, cookies, bars, and bakery that may be in the pantry and the beer, wine, and processed foods in the fridge.
  • #5 – Purchase a journal….and use it.  Take some detailed notes regarding your eating, exercising, and well-being habits for the last week of the year or start to 2013.  Document what you are putting in your body/on your body, record how you feel and  thoughts on what would like to change – physically, emotionally and mentally.
  • #6 – CLEANSE!  Join me for my Go Green & Clean in 2013 Cleanse that will be kicking off in early January.  This is a great opportunity to jump right in and break your body of some bad habits.  I’ll be updating my website this week so stay tuned for exciting details re: this program and all my programs for 2013.
Small changes going a long way in making big differences to improving your overall health.  Think about what you can easily do to kick off the New Year and work forward from there.  Don’t make things too complicated or intense.  It will be hard to stick with your resolutions and goals for long periods of time if you do that.  I am going to “phase” my resolutions for 2013 – I’ll have 2 goals for the first quarter and then I will add 2 new goals during the second quarter.  Will continue with this plan for the second half of the year and hopefully by year end, I will be able to say I have proudly accomplished EIGHT great goals!  Working on writing my plan on paper this week.
Lastly, please excuse my little “recipe blip” today.  My website was recently updated to incorporate my blog. There are a few kinks to work out in the transition!  Hopefully I will everything figured out in the next week or two.  A big learning experience!
Enjoy the last few days of 2012 and I can’t wait to hear about all the great goals you have for the New Year.



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