My Food Philosophy

For many years, in the pharmaceutical industry, I observed so much sickness and disease. I watched many talented physicians diagnose and treat, diagnose and treat, and diagnose and treat again.  Unfortunately, there was very little focus on prevention of all this sickness and disease.

Hypocrates said it best, “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.”

Poor quality food is one of the major contributors to sickness and disease in our world today.  Carcinogenic chemical fertilizers and pesticides, as well as genetically modified growth hormones and antibiotics, contaminate the majority of our food supply.  We are what we eat.  The food we take in goes through a highly intricate internal process where it is made available to our body on a cellular level. Our food becomes our blood, bones, skin, brain and all other organs.  Imagine what your body is becoming as it’s fed dangerous and unhealthy food and food-like substances.

Thankfully, there is a movement starting in this country to bring back higher quality foods.  Local farmer’s markets are popping up all over, providing organic seasonal produce and naturally raised grass-fed animal products.  Consumers are demanding better foods which will ultimately change the supply of what we find in our grocery stores.

I promise to teach you how to make healthy food fun (and easy)!