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“Working with Heather has been a blessing for my family. She has been teaching me about making healthy choices but not just for me. She is showing me how to incorporate these choices into ways the whole family can benefit. After Heather’s initial evaluation of my needs, we have been working on eliminating sugar, soda, and bad fats while increasing water intake, greens, and healthy snacking choices. Heather has offered me lots of options so I have choices. The great thing about Heather’s approach is that she doesn’t just tell me what I should do or give me hours of reading material. She really listens and gives me options that will work with my life. Heather presents relevant information that is easy to understand. It is one thing to tell someone what they need to do. It is another to give them a road map of how to do it. Heather’s style is one of teaching and supporting me through the changes I need to make to live a healthier life. She has been very motivating in my quest and she is really FUN to work with. And, isn’t it always better to have fun? I think so.”

Tanya S., Milwaukee area

Tanya S.   

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Kristen Niebler AFTER“Before I started working with you, I was in the process of losing weight and had met with a dietician a couple times. The dietician had provided me some helpful guidelines but you, Heather, helped me take my health to the next level. You taught me so much about greens, grains, and proteins and how to make them which made it easier to incorporate them into my daily life. Your collection of recipes gave me the choice of what I thought I'd enjoy the most. I have been so overjoyed to learn that eating healthy can be so fun and really taste great! I truly benefited from the on-on-one counseling with you. Not only did I learn a lot from you, but you have been FUN to work with. Heather, you have a glowing personality that is positive, contagious, and uplifting. Your encouragement made me feel like I had a number one fan standing in my corner for my health, and for me as a person all around. I wish I could keep you as my health and life coach forever. I feel blessed to have worked with you. All your tips on food, vitamins, pre & post workouts, grocery shopping, food storage, exercising, water... and the list goes on... will be forever valuable to me. Learning about health and wellness is really endless. Thank you Heather for all your time, help and support! I know you are going to help so many people in your future, enriching their lives. Thank you for being such a positive role model in mine!”

Krissy N., Jefferson area

Krissy N   

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“Heather, when I came to you I was fairly healthy; however, I needed to eliminate and cut down on a few foods. After working with you, I am at a MUCH healthier place making so many better choices regarding food. I have enjoyed losing weight, increasing my energy, and reducing my anxiety about cancer reoccurrence. Overall, my increased energy has made me a better wife and mother. I cannot thank you enough.”

Kara V., Brookfield area

Kara V.   

“Thank you so much Heather! It was a joy to work with you. Before meeting with you, I had done as much research on my own as I could, but was still low on energy and frequently getting headaches. Now, after working together, I never get headaches; I have significantly increased energy; and I don't feel deprived of food that tastes good. The extent of your knowledge, immediate suggestions, and timely feedback were key to improving my health. I am eating more greens and my sugar cravings have been significantly reduced as well. I am a better wife, mother and friend because I now have more energy to meet other's needs (as well as my own). I was impressed by your graciousness, positive attitude, wealth of knowledge and patience in spending time with me and answering questions. I feel so much better!”

Nicole S., Brookfield area

Nicole S.   

“THANK YOU so much for your time on the grocery tour! I truly learned so much about healthier choices of food for my family. You were so patient with my questions, organized with your usable hand-outs and well read on the latest health information. I feel like I can take the tools that you gave me to shop at any grocery store. On my own I would have never been able to understand exactly how to decipher all the marketing techniques. My husband and kids thank you too for making them healthier!”

Ellen L., Brookfield area

Ellen L.   

“This was such a great and informative tour! It offered very realistic information that will help me make better choices for what I feed my family. The detailed info on the grains and oils was especially helpful and definitely eye opening. It really frightens me to know how much the FDA allows companies to pull the wool over our eyes!! YIKES!! The handouts were great and well organized. And I LOVE the Braggs liquid aminos - a great tip. Have used it for every meal since the tour! Thanks again – sign me up for the next one!”

Trish W., Brookfield area

Trish W.   

“Thank you for a fabulous Woodman’s tour! The “bread breakdown” was so very helpful. It makes shopping for the kid’s carb staples a piece of cake. Also the little pocket piece you provided for the dirty dozen fruits and veggies was the perfect bonus.  I am so grateful for this informative trip!

Jennifer D., Brookfield area

Jennifer D.   

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